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We are an African print online clothing store which sells and designs African attires. Our online shop offers stylish clothing and you get the opportunity to tell us your fashion secret desires so we make it for you just the way you like it.

The african print material comes from East and West Africa and our goal is to offer a one-stop online shopping experience to all women, men, and children. Our range includes women’s dresses, skirts, jackets, pants, jumpsuits, and any other item you have in mind to take the fashion game to the next level.

We also offer men’s pants, shirts & jackets e.t.c. Our children’s range also covers the former and any other design.

Treat yourself to an online shopping adventure that offers customized, fun, refreshing and satisfying results! Vitenges Closet gives you the opportunity to reform, redesign and customize your fashion needs to cater for any event be it casual/formal/contemporary.

Invigorate your family’s wardrobe with refreshing African print designs that are suitable for outdoor and indoor events and all types of weather, from the hot summers to the cold winters.